When it comes to galvanized pipe is basically one of the materials often used in house decoration, so when we buy galvanized pipe, we must first understand its specifications, that galvanized steel pipe specifications are what.

https://10rate.com/xnr2e6f3m4 What are the specifications of galvanized steel pipe

https://vavasseur-antiques.com/38nu3khuh The general specifications of galvanized steel pipe are: DN15 type with an outside diameter of 21.3mm, DN20 type with an outside diameter of 26.9mm, DN65 type with an outside diameter of 76.1mm, etc. It is mainly divided into cold galvanized pipe and hot galvanized pipe, hot galvanized steel pipe is widely used in fire fighting, electric power and highway. Galvanized steel pipe is the surface layer with hot-dip galvanized or electro-galvanized layer, galvanization can improve the corrosion resistance of steel pipe, extend the service life, is a more widely used pipe.

How to judge the quality of hot-dip galvanized pipes

https://tresata.com/upyrhph05e 1, the appearance of galvanized pipe fittings

The surface of high-quality galvanized pipe fittings should be complete, uniform transition, no surface hanging, dripping or excessive lumping. The surface of the pipe fittings should not have defects such as leakage of plating and exposed iron.

Purchasing Tramadol Online 2、Thickness of galvanized layer

The thickness of the zinc layer of galvanized pipe is an important indicator of the quality of galvanization. Generally expressed in m units, also available per square meter galvanized layer weight (g/m2) to indicate. Since zinc and steel have different magnetic and polarization rates, the thickness of the zinc layer can be measured non-destructively with a galvanized layer thickness gauge. To determine the weight of the zinc layer, the zinc layer needs to be scraped and sampled and measured by chemical methods such as the antimony chloride method.

3、Uniformity of galvanized layer

https://sunsportgardens.com/3jv140yxto High-quality galvanized layer is uniform in texture, and there is no leakage or breakage after plating. Galvanized pipes can be immersed in a certain concentration of copper sulfate solution for a certain number of times and time. If there is no red leachate on the surface, it can be considered galvanized. There are no defects such as leakage and damage after galvanizing the pipe fittings.

4、Adhesion of galvanized layer

Tramadol Cheapest Price The adhesion of the galvanized layer is an indicator of the solidity of the galvanized layer with the steel pipe. After the steel pipe is immersed in the zinc bath for a certain period of time, it reacts with the galvanizing solution to form a mixed zinc-iron layer. A scientifically sophisticated galvanizing process will form a zinc-iron mixed layer of sufficient thickness to improve the adhesion of the zinc layer. The adhesion of the galvanized layer can be monitored by tapping with a rubber hammer. It is better if the coating does not fall off after a certain number of light knocks.

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