Anti-corrosion structure characteristics of epoxy powder anti-corrosion steel pipe for water transmission

Tramadol Purchase Uk Epoxy powder anti-corrosion steel pipe for water transmission is coated with epoxy powder on the surface of the steel pipe by electrostatic spraying process, and the film is formed once. The coating has the advantages of easy coating operation, no pollution, good impact and bending resistance, high temperature resistance, etc. 2PE/3PE anti-corrosion 2PE/3PE anti-corrosion structure: electrostatic spraying epoxy powder on the surface of steel pipe and lateral winding adhesive, lateral winding polyethylene anti-corrosion layer, combining the excellent performance of the three, thus significantly improving the overall quality of anti-corrosion pipeline. With chemical corrosion resistance, cathodic stripping resistance, resistance to mechanical damage performance.

Epoxy coal asphalt anti-corrosion epoxy coal asphalt anti-corrosion structure: made of epoxy resin + coal tar asphalt + filler anti-corrosion coating on the surface of the steel pipe with glass cloth as a reinforcement coating to form an anti-corrosion layer, commonly used in the outer wall of the pipe anti-corrosion. Thickness is generally 0.5 ~ 1.0mm. epoxy fusion powder anti-corrosion FBE/2FBE service life: 40 years to 50 years after the high-density polyethylene jacket anti-corrosion high-density polyethylene jacket anti-corrosion structure: in the outer surface of the steel pipe wrapped with high-density polyethylene material made, has a very high mechanical strength and excellent corrosion resistance, can protect the steel pipe in transport, installation and use process to avoid damage caused by external factors. damage caused by external factors during transportation, installation and use.

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Epoxy powder anti-corrosion steel pipe for water transmission: epoxy powder is a thermosetting, non-toxic coating, after curing to form a high molecular weight cross-linked structure coating, with excellent chemical anti-corrosion properties and high mechanical properties, especially wear resistance and adhesion. The coating is 100% solid, solvent-free, non-polluting, powder utilization rate of up to 95% or more, is a high-quality anti-corrosion coating for buried steel pipelines. Epoxy powder composition: The basic characteristics of the mixture of epoxy resin, curing agent, pigments and additives required in the preparation of powder coatings, the physical and chemical properties of the mixture will exert some kind of influence. Firstly, the resin system must have the ability to wet the pigments and fillers to produce a minimal reaction between the resin and curing agent under conditions of temperature and time.

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The production of a homogeneous quality product must be able to generate a powder of the required particle size with relative ease; the powder must remain fluid, have no bonding or agglomeration during transport and storage, and not react under these conditions. The most common application is electrostatic, so the powder particles must have the ability to carry an electric charge. When heated, the powder must melt and flow into a smooth continuous film. The substrate is wetted and cured under baking, and the coating obtained in this production process has the required mechanical chemical resistance.

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