Application and development prospects of duplex stainless steel pipe

At present, with the development of the chemical industry, the application of duplex stainless steel is becoming more and more widespread, and the domestic duplex stainless steel pipe is growing at a rate of 10% per year, and has a great future in the petroleum, urea and other industries.

The outstanding performance of duplex stainless steel pipe is high yield strength and stress corrosion resistance, with good weldability, welding cold cracking and hot cracking sensitivity are less. In Japan, austenitic and ferritic stainless steel welded pipe in the petrochemical industry in the pipeline system accounted for 54% of the market share.  Stainless steel welded pipe is mainly used in the decorative field, the use of corrosion-resistant welded pipe in the petrochemical field is still basically blank.

Stainless steel national standards have not been revised for more than a decade, in the revision of the national standard must be considered duplex stainless steel standard and revision. Foreign for 80% of the production of 2205 grade specifically developed the product factory inspection of the user acceptance criteria, we should also consider the introduction and absorption, enriching the existing inspection methods and standards to promote the production and ordering of duplex stainless steel.

In addition, the duplex stainless steel to develop the potential market for industrial and civil use (such as construction – structures, bridges, concrete reinforcement; such as manufacturing – containers, storage tanks, chemical carriers, speedboats, tankers; and household facilities – high water tanks, electric water heaters, housing water and steam pipes, etc.), and development, trial, promotion of foreign development and suitable for our national conditions (lack of nickel and chromium) of some new varieties (such as low nickel saving duplex stainless steel), I believe that China’s promotion of duplex stainless steel has a very broad application prospects.

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