Stainless steel tubes for power equipment manufacturing industry

We are currently the second largest consumer of electricity in the world, with the installed capacity of electricity increasing from 520 million kilowatts in 2005 to 1,144 million kilowatts in 2012, with an average annual growth rate of 11.97%. As a country with more coal and less gas and oil, coal-fired power generation still dominates our total power generation capacity. According to BP’s World Energy Statistics Yearbook 2012, coal accounts for 70.39% of the primary energy consumption structure.

Currently, the installed thermal power generation capacity accounts for 71.59% of the total installed power generation capacity, and the installed thermal power generation capacity increased from 390 million kilowatts in 2005 to 819 million kilowatts in 2012, with an average annual growth rate of 11.18%.

Thermal power generation is a form of power generation that uses the thermal energy generated by burning coal to heat water, turning it into high-pressure water vapor, which then drives a generator to generate electricity. Thermal power plant mainly consists of three major parts: power generation boiler, steam turbine and generator, in which the steam and water pipes in power generation boiler include reheater pipe, superheater pipe, water cooling wall pipe, coal saver pipe, air preheating pipe, heat conduction pipe, descending pipe and various joint box pipes. Due to the use of the above-mentioned pipeline in high temperature and high pressure conditions for a long time, the pipeline will be oxidation and corrosion under the action of high-temperature flue gas and water vapor, so the requirements of steel pipe with high lasting strength, high oxidation resistance corrosion performance and good organizational stability. To meet the above requirements, stainless steel tubes are used in large numbers in thermal power boilers. China’s thermal power unit investment has driven the development of stainless steel tubes for the power equipment manufacturing industry.

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